Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Testimony at Christmas

A friend of mine from college posted a challenge on her blog that at this busy time of year we should take a few moments to share our testimony. Being that the real reason for this time of year is the birth of our Savior, I thought that was a sweet idea. So, while I am not usually the kind to do this sort of thing on my blog I would like to do it and extend the challenge to anyone who would like to accept it.

I know that Jesus Christ lives. That he is my Savior. That he is my brother. That our Father, in his infinite wisdom saw that we would not be perfect, that we would make mistakes and so he sent his son to make the ultimate sacrifice that we might live again. I have a firm testimony that Christ knows me personally and that he suffered in the garden of Gethsemane for not only each of my sins, but also for each of my pains and sorrows.

I know this because although I would love for my life to have been an easy road with no bumps and stumbles, it has not been so. But the nights spent in prayer and tears on my knees to my Father in heaven have caused me to come closer to Him and when I have felt that I was so alone, when I honestly sought Him, He was there. I have found that so far "the price we paid to be come acquainted with God was a privileged to pay."

I have a testimony that this is HIS church on the earth. That as crazy as it sounds, a young boy of 14 was chosen to bring the organization of Gods church back to the earth. I have a testimony that that church still exists today. It is easy to be offended by individuals, it is harder to look beyond the human failings of people to see that the truth is still the truth. I have a testimony of the saving and redeeming powers of the ordinances of the temple and am grateful beyond measure for the peace and comfort I find within those walls.

I am most especially grateful for the sealing power of the temple. To KNOW that as I live worthy of the blessings that have been promised, they WILL be mine. I can only pray that there will be no empty chairs in heaven in our family circle, because no one can be forced to accept those blessings.

I am not a perfect person. I am so far from it that it is a little hilarious. But I hope that those who know me know that I try to be better. I dont always succeed but I try. :) Life is not always easy. It took us heartbreaking years to conceive our sweet little A. But looking back I see the refiners fire preparing me to be the kind of mother she deserves. (And that is still happening... dont worry... hehe) There is purpose in suffering. I know this. I may falter in this knowledge occasionally but I know this to be true.

At this Christmas season there are so many suffering in one form or another. We live in difficult times. But there is hope and light. There is one to whom we may pour out our sorrows and He understands completely. He will enfold us in his loving arms. He stands at the door knocking, but WE have to let him in. All of this I KNOW.... But you dont have to take my word for it. If you will pray to know for yourself the truth of all things, God will answer your prayers.

If you have questions feel free to visit to feel free to email me. :)

If you accept this challenge leave me a comment and a link to your blog so that I can be edified by your testimony as well.


Kim L. said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! What a powerful and genuine testimony! THANK YOU!

Jeff and Jen said...

I agree, you are awesome and I love your testimony!

Liesl said...

Thanks for the beautiful Christmas thoughts. Better than any card we could have received. Merry Christmas!!

Rich and Nickie said...

Thank you....well put!!! Such a firm and beautiful testimony. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas.