Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Y2K Me?

I have a friend that was blogging about what the year 2000 her would think of her now... this got me thinking.... What would the Y2K me think? First of all that was a really fun night. I have no idea what my brother is wearing but that is besides the point... hahaha! I was with good friends and having a good time. We went to a dance at the stake center and danced all night. This new years will be a lot more low key... :) Although, Katie... if you get bored you are more than welcome to come on up and make it more interesting again. I love this girl I was! I think she would feel im doing alright for myself. I have pretty much everything I wanted then. A good husband, a couple cute kids, a house, the gospel, and my family! Although I wish we lived closer... I think she would say I could be a lot more light hearted. Dance a little more... laugh a little more... and I will work on that this year!

My Hopes for 2010 include:
More camping
More family time
Being more creative with our family activities
More crafting!!!
Being a better mother and wife
Appreciating the tender moments and mercies a little better
Getting and staying out of debt
No medical disasters!!!
And if we are TRULY blessed, then maybe we will be able to afford to have another baby by the end of the year!

Happy New Year to all of you! We love you and pray for you to have all you dream of in this coming year. I never got out our letters so this will have to do! See ya next year!

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Melanie said...

Happy New Year Lauren! Cute picture...just the way I remember you guys! :-)