Monday, January 18, 2010


So I have a friend who is opening a photography studio and she has ordered a bunch of pettiskirts from me. So I am ordering a bunch or nylon chiffon in different colors and since I am ordering alot of it I can get a discount. If you want to order a skirt from me, or just buy the knit chiffon let me know in the next day or so... so that I can get the right colors. :)

Heres my pricing. I have checked out a bunch of websites and I think its very competitive especially considering the quality and amount of "fluff" I use on the bottom of my skirts. Plus, I dont use the satin first layer that a lot use... i think its UGLY. Mine will be totally made from the nylon chiffon.

newborn (8 inches long)- 30
baby (11 inches) - 35
toddler (13 inches) - 40
little girl (14 inches long) - 40
extra long little girl (17 inches long) - 50
big girl (15 inches long) - 50
extra long big girl (19 inches long) - 55

If you want to just order the knit chiffon it would be 3.50 a yard

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