Thursday, February 11, 2010

death and taxes

They are done... our taxes that is. We changed out deductions this year so that we would keep more in our pockets throughout the year, but i have to say... i miss that big tax return this year... :( But we dont owe anything which is what I was afraid of and we will get a little. :) So it all works out.

If you know us you might know that we are having a few troubles. But after the initial shock of things, like always, i resign myself to the circumstances and feel like things will be ok. Not always easy. But ok. And I hope you know that it really helps me to read about some of your struggles on your various blogs. Its helpful to see how others can have faith in the face of adversity. One of the blessings of technology. :)

I have more skirts to make and so i am going to be working on them the next few nights and into next week. Hopefully i will get er done soon! Here are some pictures of some of the ones i have done. Red and Black and Red with a black satin waistband. LOVE how they turned out! (Hopefully my friend doesnt mind that I snagged these off her facebook.) :)

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Jackie B. said...

the skirts are looking great!

we have yet to do taxes. i'm scared.

i feel like i haven't seen you in FOREVER. i'll have to stop by and say HI. love ya girl.