Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy "birth" day

(I accidentally posted this on the wrong blog... oops... but here it is now.)

Today is my birthday and i will post more about that tomorrow. But right now i want to say happy "birth" day to my amazing mom. And dad too... ;) I have been thinking about this today for some reason...

27 years ago I was causing my mother an indescribable amount of pain and joy. 27 years ago this morning my mom and dad became parents. I was the first and it was yet to be discovered that my mother would need all c-sections. So I was long and difficult in coming into this world. I have heard that it was just as stressful and nauseating for my poor dad. I hope that in my life I have made up for this. :)

Now that I am a mother myself and have suffered the pains of labor and some of the daily pains of motherhood, I understand better this sacrifice and will be eternally grateful for this day 27 years ago.

Thanks for taking a chance on me. You are both amazing parents and I think God knew what he was doing when he sent me to you. So Happy Birth Day!

(and dad... everytime I see an episode of MASH I think of you and I watching that last episode together that day... of course i dont remember it but it makes me smile to think of it... )

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