Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little People... Big Imaginations...

So ever since I was a little kid I LOVED little people... I used to make up these little people sagas that would go on for days. Eventually little people were replaced by barbies. But I did love my little people. So this Christmas I was so excited to get A some little people. I looked around and found some of the new ones but I decided I HATE them. The are huge and chunky and they all come with their own motif. How are you supposed to pretend that this girl is doing anything but snowboarding when she is on a snowboard all decked out in winter gear???

So I debated about going with the new ones or searching for the old... I called up my mom and lo and behold she still had some of the old little people!! And even better... she was willing to part with them. So this started my crazy obsession. Ever since I have been addicted to ebay. I have only purchased a few more items that I found for awesome deals. I figure if I keep watching I will find what I want at a good price. I just need to be patient and pace myself.

Here is what I have obtained. :) Although these arent the actual pictures. The A-Frame house is Ks favorite right now. I also have gotten a couple of sets of people and cars and a few misc items. I have been able to use my paypal earnings for everything too which makes me happy. I just won the barn tonight on auction for 15 dollars plus 10 shipping!!! And its in great shape and comes with almost all of the accessories. I was pretty stoked about that!

And here is my wish list:
Camper and Boat

These will all have to wait for a while though. My paypal account is now empty... :( Oh well... The kids love what we have so we are content with it. And by we I mean ME... hehehehe

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Mame Voelker said...

That's so cool!!! I love little people as well, however, my thing I loved to do most with them was flush them down the toilet. I have several memories of my dad reaching his hand down the toilet and pulling out a whole family of little people, including their dog.f