Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old Friends

So as I have been crafting like mad I have been having random thoughts. One of my best friends from my younger years is having a baby. I am SOOOO excited for her. But life is going to change for them. Mostly in the very best ways. But that got me thinking about how grateful I am for my oldest friends. (oldest meaning I have known them for a long time) I think it is a blessing to have people in your life who really and truly know you. Because I am more than the mother and wife i am today. I am still that insecure giggly little girl, and crazy teenager and carefree college student. Its all a part of me. And my friends now mostly know me of my settled homeowner years.

I find that when I am with my sisters and my old girlfriends they bring out all those other girls too. I miss them. They already know all the bad stuff and the good stuff. We have been friends through thick and thin and so I know that if there were ever a problem we would get over it. I wish to the very core of me that I had at least one of my old best friends that lived closer. But I am content with the occasional visit and phone call. (Especially the most recent visit from North Carolina!)

So if any of my girls have the itch to move I recommend  ID... just so you know! I love you all no matter how far or how long its been. MUAH!

And all my newer friends... don't worry... someday we will be old friends too! And I love you just as much for all the ways you love and support me right now! I post about you another day... ;)

On a trip to hollywood... In search of Brittany Spears House... also experimenting with an electric shaver to shave Emilys legs on the drive... Lots of good times with Katie (on the right)

And here are 6 of my favorite girls... despite the look on Chelseas Face...


Liesl said...

So, am I the old friend or the "old" friend? LOL.

Chelsea said...

um... im pretty sure the sun was in my eyes!

Heather!! said...

in my mind you are still a teenager wearing CRAZY striped knee high socks EVERywhere, doing big posters w/painted letters on them...and doing my up-dos for y outh conferencey dances :) I LOVE YOU, LAUREN!!! <3