Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Haircut pictures...

So... a lot of people said how good i look in those haircut pictures... My chin is down so i have a double and im bending over so my fat shows... hahahah! But thanks. I will post better pictures when my family pictures come in. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Babys First Haircut

K and A both were born with a lot of hair. Ks was a little more curly to start. That combined with his long curly eyelashes had everyone telling me what a beautiful baby girl I had. So when he was a few days old I cut it. Taboo for some... I know. But i really just trimmed up the sides so they wouldn't hang over his ears. Then of course when he was 5 months it all fell out. But I always kept it cut shorter on the sides. So his first haircut wasn't that big of a deal. Fast forward to A.

I have been to afraid to trim her hair because of her beautiful curls. But lately it has been looking a little scraggly by the end of the day. So today was the day. We got out the scissors and trimmed it up. Not much, in fact you can barely tell. I mostly just trimmed enough so that the scraggly random hairs were even with the rest. And its still curly! WOO HOO!

Here she is after I cut a little on the left side of her hair.

After a while she discovered a new body part! HAHAHAHA!
Of course... Chelsea had to capture it on film.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy 18 Months

A had her 18 month check up today and she is growing like a champ!
Height - 95th percentile this surprised me because i thought she was short)
Weight - 75th percentile (again i was surprised because i thought she was a little chubbs... :)
Head - 99th percentile (not surprised at all!)

She is adorable and really lights up our lives.
She makes the funniest faces which showcase her pint sized attitude
She loves her big brother and calls him "Buba"
She climbs... all over and her newest tick is to free fall off of things so she is a daredevil too
We call her the pink tornado because she is the HUGEST mess maker I have ever seen
She strings three words together
She says LOTS of words and mimics even more (I should keep a list but I dont)
She loves books. She will sit and read with me endlessly
She likes to lay in bed in the mornings with me. She pulls up the covers and just hangs (this is new and I LOVE it!)
She loves her babies! As evidenced below she loves to take them everywhere. Even to bed with her lately.
She squeals... the bane of my life
She dances and its so cute I can hardly stand it!
So of course you can see that we dont like her at all right?

Friday, May 14, 2010


Ok... I need to vent a little. Im pissed...

Why? I have been subbing at the high school this year. I LOVE it! It has been a great experience and I have especially loved subbing for PE. But today sucked. Partly because I got chewed out by someone because they failed to do their job and so they are passing the buck to me. But mostly I am pissed because a really sweet girl was verbally attacked today and bullied and the bully is probably not going to have to answer to anyone for it because of this same person. What was said to this girl was particularly offensive in my eyes and because it is being judged by a man i doubt he sees how damaging it is.

So I am pissed...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Working it out...

I decided to put this out there partly to hold myself accountable. Im doing so well and I want to keep it up. Maybe if I blog about my progress thus far it will make me stick with it.

About two months ago I saw my doctor and we talked about my PCOS. Its been really hard to manage my weight because of the insulin resistance that often comes with it. Im pretty good at maintaining, but whenever I have had a major event in my life (like the freshman 15, and 2 babies) I add some pounds and cant seem to get them off. Last fall I went on a crazy diet and was working out consistently and didnt lose much at all over a three month period. It has been so frustrating for me, especially knowing that if i could lose weight it might be easier for us to get pregnant when the time comes.

After talking about it for a while he said he wanted to run some tests and then in a month see me again and put me on some medication that would help. I have been on the meds for a month and I have been training for a 5K and I AM DOING IT! I cant even believe it. Over the years I am so used to working hard and seeing little to no results that I am shocked.

I feel like for the first time in my life i have power over my body. I am telling it what to do and it is actually listening. For so long i have felt pretty powerless as to how my body worked (all the infertility struggles) that it feels great. At first the running was HORRIBLE and i thought there was no way I was going to be able to keep it up. But it is getting easier. I finally figured out how to breathe which helped a lot... hahaha! It still sucks and I have NO love affair with running. But in combination with the medication it is working so i am going to keep at it.

When I was pregnant with K I gained a LOT of weight and this morning I got on the scale and saw a number I hadnt seen since I was pregnant with him! Which is sad. I have 5 more lbs until I hit pre-pregnancy with K and then I want to lose at least 15 more before we try to have another baby.

I am proud of myself!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catching up

My sister is much displeased with me. She said I need to put up pictures of my kids instead of crafty crap... so here we go...

The last month or so we have spent quite a few weekends at the in laws... Addy and my MIL share a love of goats! Her first sentence was "wheres a go?" or wheres the goat. I got it on video but you can barely hear her because of the wind... so here she is with one of the goats.
I need to look through my scrapbook because there is a similar picture of me looking through a fence at cows when I little. Of course here she is looking at the goats.
While I was working my boutique Daddy had primary care of the children. I had A all dressed up so she could be my little model until dad picked her up after work Friday. By the time I got home she was already in bed. The next morning this is what she looked like! Still wearing the same clothes and her bow... Dad didnt even put on Jammies on a cold night! She looks like she has been partying too hard.
I got this fabric a while ago to make an apron. It still needs work but I whipped this up the other night... LOVE it! I saw one similar a while ago and thought... that wouldnt be too hard to replicate. It wasnt but I need to fix the top a little. Its a little big.
Mr K decided to cut his own hair last week. Took a chunk from the front and cut it off at the scalp. So we had to shave the rest. Good thing he is a boy or i would have cried.
Dont worry... its an unused diaper... she brought it to us and on a lark i put it on her head... She LOVED it as you can see! HEhehehe! Love these kids!

Things are going well here. We are happy and healthy for the most part and looking forward to an awesome summer full of fun! We have lots of plans and cant wait! I will try to remember to bring the camera along for our adventures but I am famous for forgetting it so dont hold your breath... ;)