Monday, May 24, 2010

Babys First Haircut

K and A both were born with a lot of hair. Ks was a little more curly to start. That combined with his long curly eyelashes had everyone telling me what a beautiful baby girl I had. So when he was a few days old I cut it. Taboo for some... I know. But i really just trimmed up the sides so they wouldn't hang over his ears. Then of course when he was 5 months it all fell out. But I always kept it cut shorter on the sides. So his first haircut wasn't that big of a deal. Fast forward to A.

I have been to afraid to trim her hair because of her beautiful curls. But lately it has been looking a little scraggly by the end of the day. So today was the day. We got out the scissors and trimmed it up. Not much, in fact you can barely tell. I mostly just trimmed enough so that the scraggly random hairs were even with the rest. And its still curly! WOO HOO!

Here she is after I cut a little on the left side of her hair.

After a while she discovered a new body part! HAHAHAHA!
Of course... Chelsea had to capture it on film.


Melanie said...

She is so cute!!!

The Dansies said...

Lauren, you look amazing! Way to go! And, Addy's hair is pretty cute too! I know what you mean about trimming the straggly hairs...except that is most of Breah's head. I get so jealous on behalf of her when other little girls (esp. those younger) have more hair!

Lineberry's said...

Hey hot mamma, you look great!

Chelsea said...

BAHAHAHAHA! that dang picture gets me everytime. *replaces my fat lady desktop*