Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catching up

My sister is much displeased with me. She said I need to put up pictures of my kids instead of crafty crap... so here we go...

The last month or so we have spent quite a few weekends at the in laws... Addy and my MIL share a love of goats! Her first sentence was "wheres a go?" or wheres the goat. I got it on video but you can barely hear her because of the wind... so here she is with one of the goats.
I need to look through my scrapbook because there is a similar picture of me looking through a fence at cows when I little. Of course here she is looking at the goats.
While I was working my boutique Daddy had primary care of the children. I had A all dressed up so she could be my little model until dad picked her up after work Friday. By the time I got home she was already in bed. The next morning this is what she looked like! Still wearing the same clothes and her bow... Dad didnt even put on Jammies on a cold night! She looks like she has been partying too hard.
I got this fabric a while ago to make an apron. It still needs work but I whipped this up the other night... LOVE it! I saw one similar a while ago and thought... that wouldnt be too hard to replicate. It wasnt but I need to fix the top a little. Its a little big.
Mr K decided to cut his own hair last week. Took a chunk from the front and cut it off at the scalp. So we had to shave the rest. Good thing he is a boy or i would have cried.
Dont worry... its an unused diaper... she brought it to us and on a lark i put it on her head... She LOVED it as you can see! HEhehehe! Love these kids!

Things are going well here. We are happy and healthy for the most part and looking forward to an awesome summer full of fun! We have lots of plans and cant wait! I will try to remember to bring the camera along for our adventures but I am famous for forgetting it so dont hold your breath... ;)

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