Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy 18 Months

A had her 18 month check up today and she is growing like a champ!
Height - 95th percentile this surprised me because i thought she was short)
Weight - 75th percentile (again i was surprised because i thought she was a little chubbs... :)
Head - 99th percentile (not surprised at all!)

She is adorable and really lights up our lives.
She makes the funniest faces which showcase her pint sized attitude
She loves her big brother and calls him "Buba"
She climbs... all over and her newest tick is to free fall off of things so she is a daredevil too
We call her the pink tornado because she is the HUGEST mess maker I have ever seen
She strings three words together
She says LOTS of words and mimics even more (I should keep a list but I dont)
She loves books. She will sit and read with me endlessly
She likes to lay in bed in the mornings with me. She pulls up the covers and just hangs (this is new and I LOVE it!)
She loves her babies! As evidenced below she loves to take them everywhere. Even to bed with her lately.
She squeals... the bane of my life
She dances and its so cute I can hardly stand it!
So of course you can see that we dont like her at all right?

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Chelsea said...

BAH! i love that kid