Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lookie lookie!

So I have been a little discouraged the last couple weeks because I haven't been losing. I hit my pre-pregnancy weight with K and I guess that was kind of my plateau weight. But I have been hitting it hard lately and I think I broke through! Because check out my weight ticker! That's right! Almost 30 lbs... I might have to break down and take some pictures for y'all...

Friday, June 11, 2010


If you know me at all you probably know that I dont like to wear shoes. At all... this said... Ironically apparently one of my first words... maybe even my first (I dont remember) was shoe.

A has developed a love affair with shoes. She loves them. Especially pretty ones. I HATE the idea of spending 10-15 on shoes for a little girl who will only wear them for a few months. Especially when you need 3 or 4 pair. And sadly I do love cute shoes on her so I always cry a little inside when I have to compromise on cuteness for frugality. So I had the idea to just look on ebay and see what they had.


13 pairs of shoes for $30 including shipping. And they are all name brand cute shoes. Not that name brand matters to me all that much as long as they are cute.

They came today and A is in love! So cute! She has been into them all afternoon having me change her shoes every few minutes. "OOOOH! SOOS! SOOS! OOOH!" Now she has a pair for every outfit! haha!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day

Last year we began what I hope will be a tradition with the family because it has been a blast! This year we did it again. We went to the black pine area to go camping. Not only is it beautiful there but we have found lots of fun stuff to do as well. This year we went on two hikes. (I use this term loosely because it was more vertically scaling two mountains. exhausting but fun) And two mountain biking adventures/misadventures. We had a great time together!

Here we are on the drive. I LOVE our little family!!!

When we first got to our campsite, there was a crappy old fire ring. I told Daddy that it was a boyscout fire ring and to watch and see how the relief society does a fire... and so while we were waiting for the rest of the crew to show up I created this! I think I want one in my backyard! Its so pretty!

This was a mini hike we took before everyone else arrived. We borrowed this from some friends and we LOVE it... so i am snooping eBay to find a good deal on one.

K, for some reason decided that he has to take this dino on our camping trips...

On day three all the women were having nasty hair so we set up a salon for hair washing

During some down time the daddys took the little girls up and down the road on their bikes. They LOVED it. And A ended up falling asleep.

This is us at the top of the second mountain climb. It was so pretty. We ended up at the ridge of this string of mountains. If we hadn't been so tired we might have walked a long further but blazing a trail is tough work! You can see how red my face is... DANG MY COMPLEXION! I got a nice burn.

I am really grateful that I have been getting in shape. This trip was so fun because I was able to participate in all the activities and I was in good enough shape that it was actually enjoyable for me. Although, our last mountain biking misadventure was pretty rough. My father in law gave us bad directions and it ended up being quite the trip. I also learned that you need a REAL mountain bike to go mountain biking!

Visit with the Sista

My sister has been living in Utah for a few months and she finally had enough vacation to come and see me! We had a great visit although I didnt get many pictures of her... But I did her hair, which looks amazing by the way. And we hung out. I miss my sisters! So it was nice to spend some time with her. Hopefully I will get to see my other slacker sister someday soon! Love you both!

This is just a cute picture of the pink tornado eating decorative rocks... But she looks cute doing it...