Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

I love the 4th. We have a long line of military servicemen in our families. Both my grandfathers served. My Father and Father in Law served, and my little brother is currently on a submarine in the ocean somewhere. I love this country and I love the men and women who sacrifice so much for it. (especially the aforementioned men) I consider myself to be a very patriotic person and so this holiday is so fun for me! We spent the weekend in Cache Valley with my grandma and aunt and uncle. AND! My sister was able to come too! WOO HOO!

Before I go one... first. A couple of weeks ago K asked me if we had any American clothes. I told him we wear American clothes every day and he said NO... American clothes are red white and blue... so of course for the 4th we had to wear our American clothes... hehehe

Here is our weekend in pictures... enjoy!

(this is the elusive and rarely photographed creature... ROB!)

A made me really nervous with these... she was a little wild. But grandma can handle it apparently.

Funny story... My moms family are the Bairs... and there are 4 kids. So they have these wooden bear cutouts. 2 big ones and 4 little ones representing their family. The bear whose head A is currently sitting on is my mothers! HEHEHE and she did it over and over. Apparently Nana makes a comfortable seat.

She started doing this all on her own a few weeks ago. She blows her nose very well.

Chels and I realized we had never climbed a tree... so we had to remedy this situation.

Kaden learning to skateboard. he got the balance down, now he said he needs to learn how to steer. He is a very determined child.

I dont care what anyone says... i think a baby in a bikini is ADORABLE!

And then the croquet ensued!

And a parade

(If any of you have seen Jeff Dunham... I love these little clips Addy has. They remind me of Peanuts hair... so I call her peanut head when she is wearing them!)


Mame Voelker said...

What great pictures!!! You have such a cute family!

Heather!! said...

SO cute brother with his sister and the umbrella :)