Sunday, July 25, 2010

You should wear pants when 4 wheelin!

You will understand my title later... but for now...

We were invited to go camping with some other families this weekend. I knew that both of these families would probably be 4 wheeling and dirt biking. We have neither of these toys. But our wonderful Grandpa Humphereys does! And he graciously let us borrow the 4 wheeler for this trip so we could max out our fun... and we did! I have never been 4 wheeling in the mountains before and I think I have a new addiction!

We first went on a family ride. 11 kids and 6 adults on 7 vehicles... it was dirty and fun. But at one point (right after A fell asleep) Daddy hit a rough patch and we rolled the 4 wheeler with all 4 of us on it! Luckily no one was hurt too bad but me. Daddy protected A and K was tough. I was the lucky one who got to use my body to keep the machine off of my little family. So my knee got twisted and banged up. Pictures at the end.

Then the dads went on a ride... a LONG ride. It was a little unfair as the moms ride wasn't nearly long enough since we had to be back to make dinner! BOO... but after my initial slowness as I figured out how to shift, steer, and brake the thing... I took off and it was some of the best fun Ive ever had! Thank you Jamie for being patient with my learning curve.

Finally we went on another family ride. ALL babies fell asleep so some members had to turn back. Daddy, A and K didn't go so I was solo on the 4 wheeler and offered to take one of my friends older girls. We had a blast! But towards the end we hit a slope I couldn't maneuver and so opted for the ditch next to it thinking that would be the lesser of the evils... unfortunately there was a huge boulder I didn't see so we went flying... me putting my body under another kid resulted in more leg injuries. But the kid came out unscathed! So all is well.

All in all I had to much fun! And am so glad we were invited! Thanks Jamie! You re the best!

(like my mustache... and can you tell who was leading? since she is the only clean one?)

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Jackie B. said...

yikes! those pics of your legs don't so your injuries justice! I think you need to take new pics.