Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is this week over yet?

This is how I feel today... I am flying solo this week and even though its only Tuesday I am feeling it.
We had dentist appointments for the kids today and it was disastrous! It began hopefylly...
K whined a little about being afraid of cavities but I thought I had assuaged his fears. That is... until we got back into the office. Then he commenced SCREAMING and CRYING about how he is afraid he will have sugar buggies and they will hurt him. I am desperately trying every tactic I know to calm him down and convince him that everything will be ok.

Meanwhile... I figure that A is in such good spirits that she should do fine first... WRONG... once they come at her with the X-Ray film she freaks out. Apparently the hygienist is new and keeps trying to get the film in As mouth for like 10 minutes as she is writhing and crying... Flash over to K who is still having a melt down in the other chair... Then another hygienist comes over and informs ours that A is so little they dont usually do X-Rays on them... nice...

So A is set free... She stops crying but is doing that thing where they are still teary and trying to catch their breath... So I decide to hold her for a minute. This is when I realize she is poppy and it has leaked out all over her pants and onto ME! Nice... So we make a run to the bathroom to rinse everyone out. I have no extra diaper since I have used my extra already so I leave her commando and pray she can hold it for a while. PS... I still have poop on my shirt...

Ks turn in the chair... I sit behind him and have to practically DRAG him into the chair. He is still FREAKING out. I am completely embarrassed and losing my patience FAST. We finally pry his mouth open and somehow get the X-Rays done. Now both my children giving those shuddering post sobbing breaths. I look like the worst mom ever.

They end up putting us in the "procedure room". I assume this is because we are taking too long and freaking all the other kids out. Finally the dentist comes in. He tells K he has no cavities... which makes him happy. All tears cease and you would think going to the dentist is an every day occasion. He is chatting up the dentist and having a grand time showing him all his teeth...

Then A is up again... FREAKING out... AGAIN... but we get the nitty gritty over with. The kids get a ball and we are out of there as fast as I can get us out. The rest of my day has gone pretty similar... I hope I can survive until Friday...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby in Braids!

I have been waiting for this day!
A has always had a lot of hair and thankfully it is curly, which disguises the fact that it has always been pretty mulletish... I was able to do a little braid a few months ago, but yesterday I noticed that the sides of her hair were finally getting long enough to do this...

She is just so perfect!

Monday, August 23, 2010

7 Years


7 Years ago I married my best friend. He has been there by my side through the most difficult and the most amazingly beautiful times. It may not have always be easy, but I feel blessed because those times have been few and far between. I love him more than I can ever express and I hope he knows it. He has given me the two most beautiful children and the promise of eternity together.

I cant wait to see what forever brings for us!

Sad News

After spending a great week in California with my family I came home and was able to relax for a day. Then we received the sad news that Daddys grandfather had passed away quietly in his sleep. We lived with Grandpa for about 6 months while our home was being built. So we had some time to grow close to him. While he had his quirks, he was a great man and will be missed by those left behind.

When we told K he broke down and has had a bit of a hard time with it. He loved his grandpa "honkfrees" and misses him. I have to tell you a funny story about this. While it starts our heartrendingly sad, just hang in there... it gets funny.

We were driving to grandpas house one of the days when everyone was there... here is how the conversation went.

K: "Mom, I wish I died too so I could be with grandpa. I miss him."
Me: "Sweetie, I know you miss grandpa but he is happier now and you are too young to die and go to heaven."
K: "why is he happier in heaven and not here?"
Me: "Because he gets to be with Grandma Adele. He missed her a lot. And his body wasn't working very well and that made him sad"
K: "Why wasn't his body working very well?"
Me: "his heart and his muscles were getting old"
K: "what was wrong with them?"
I'm getting frustrated with questions at this point
Me: "Its complicated sweetie"

 gets really mad at this point and starts yelling

K: "No it isn't! You just lie all the time and say that because I ask so many questions!"

Now I'm laughing and thinking he must have heard this from one of his aunts
who are always telling him things I dont want him to know.

Me: "who told you that?"
K: "No one! I just started to figure it out lately!"

HAHAHA! He is such a smart kid! So I explained about heart attacks and atrophying muscles. And then he said OK... and has seemed to be fine since then. He was just a little sad at the burial when he had to say goodbye... Here's a picture of that... :*( Poor little guy.

Im so grateful for our little girl. She is always bringing a smile to everyone's faces even in sad times!

This is a picture of Grandpas 9 children. The youngest is only 9 months older than James!

There were 57 of his children, grandchildren and Great Grandchildren there. Everyone was able to make it and we had such a great time together. I know Grandpa was looking down and smiling.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Water Park

Im running a little behind blogging so it might take me a while to catch up. :)

Daddys family had their big reunion this summer and one of the things we did was go to a water park by our house. I have passed these slides SOOO many times and never have been able to find out who they are or how much or anything but I finally did! And we had so much fun! We had the place pretty much to ourselves and the kids had a blast!

I made K go down the big slide with me and he hated me for it! But then later he wanted to do it again. HAHAH!