Friday, September 24, 2010

What have we been up to?

Well... we built a fire pit in the backyard... :) Fall smores here we come!
A got some sweet new kicks... because her feet had a growth spurt dang it!

A has developed an intense love of babies...

and... we are bringing back the side pony...

Thats about it for now...
And I am sewing like crazy... got my groove back! Check out the craft blog for more... :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And he's off!

Yesterday was a bitter-sweet day. My baby headed off to kindergarten.
No tears were shed because, to be honest, we were both ready for it. K was so excited! All morning he kept asking how long until he got to leave for school.

We held off on school shopping until we went to California a few weeks ago because K LOVES tony hawk clothes and I wanted to get him some for school. (Thanks to Aunt Em for getting him hooked on that) So he is totally decked out for the year in tony hawk! Hopefully he doesnt decide he hates it or he will be naked. But I think he looks SO cute!

We went to McDonalds for Lunch in celebration of his first day, and then I drove him to school. He will be in Ms. Halls afternoon class. And he loves her so far. In fact, he has a little crush on her. I think she will be GREAT for him because she seems to be very nurturing and he is kind of a sensitive kid.
One of the reasons I picked afternoon kindergarten is because they bus both ways. I feel like there is no reason for 50 parents from the neighborhood to be driving to and from school every day when there is a bus available. :) Plus, he is so excited to ride the bus with his friends! So here he is standing in front of his bus line... bus number 2! And I LOVE these shoes!

He got to ride the bus home from school and I was a little nervous that he wouldn't get on the bus, or get off at the right stop. I shouldn't have worried because there were so many kids from our neighborhood that were there to help him remember. The bus stops right by our house so we walked around the corner to wait for brother... and A was so happy he was home! She missed him.

A lady in our ward said she wished she had a camera to take a picture of all the moms waiting for the bus. We must have been a sight to see... hahaha. But here are all the neighborhood kids making the crossing. The bus driver makes them wait until they are all off the bus, and then they all cross together.
All the kindergartners who ride the bus got a bus tag for their backpack so that the teachers on duty can help make sure they get to where they are supposed to be. THANK YOU JEFFERSON! That eases my mind greatly!

Here's K and his buddy Josh. They are in the same class together. Someone said they feel sorry for their teacher... and I tend to agree. These two are quite the pair! But Im glad he has a friend to ride the bus with and hang out with.
While we were so ready for this day to come it was just a little sad. Its hard to believe that this amazing young man is the same boy who snuggled in my arms almost 6 years ago as a tiny baby. :( He is so intelligent, and inquisitive and funny. He will do great things and I am proud of him for stepping so bravely and confidently into this new beginning! We love you K!