Sunday, October 3, 2010

A boy and his hair

Now that K is in school he likes me to do h is hair every day in a different style. Since he is a boy with short hair there are only so many options for him. So we have 4 basic options...
Daddy Hair (parted on the side and combed over)
Side Mohawk
And pictured below...
Sonic hair...
Hahahah! Love this kid!

In other news... A couple weekends ago we were out and about in Twin Falls and decided to do something fun as a family. I remembered a friend telling me about a roller rink in town.

Now... When I was in elementary school our school got a discount at a roller rink on a certain night every month, so my siblings and I would go roller skating every month. Its a super fun memory I have of my childhood.

So we decided to try it out... I busted out my mad rollerblading skills and Daddy clung to the side... BAHAHAHA!

We discovered that K has inherited his fathers natural grace in this area. But he was braver than his dad. He fell about a hundred times, but by then end he wasn't flailing quite so much and I was pretty proud of him. When Daddy was in charge of A he made sure to hold her hand the whole time. After a while I took her and let her go to see what she would do... She is a pro! Didn't fall one time... so we know where she got HER natural ability! It was so much fun. We will have to do it again.


Melanie said...

How fun Lauren!!

Lineberry's said...

You are such an awesome mom! I hope to be as awesome as you are one day. Love ya tons!