Thursday, November 18, 2010


Happy Birthday A!

Two years ago we got our miracle. We had hoped and prayed for so long... and she has been everything we could ever have hoped and prayed for. Today I am immensely grateful for A. She is a blessing in every sense of the word.
A little about A:
*She LOVES her babies. She carries, pushes, rocks, dresses, undresses, changes diapers, puts them to bed in random places. She LOVES her babies!
*She LOVES all things princess! She got a princess barbie for her birthday and she loves her "pincess bahbee" She loves "Pincess Moo-mees" (movies) (Im getting pretty sick of the ones we have and she doesn't even watch them for very long hehe)
*She is on the go ALL the time!
*She loves to be pretty but also likes to get dirty.
*She is our "pink tornado". She can make a mess like you have never seen before.
*She talks. K was putting a few words together at this age and we were so excited! She is having complete conversations...
*Her favorite song is twinkle twinkle little star. A lot of times if we are singing something else she will insist we change songs.
*She loves her brother. If she wakes up before him she cant stand it. She will go to his door and call his name until he wakes up and comes to play with her.

We had a family party for her on Saturday so today will be pretty low key. Pictures to follow. But I thought you might enjoy these pictures of her first days.

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