Sunday, December 12, 2010


So I feel bad about my lack of blogging! But I cant find my camera and I hate to post without pictures because we all know pictures make everything so much more interesting. :)

But I feel like I should update anyway. We are gearing up for Christmas around here. I have been crafting up a storm for A and her cousin. Everything I make for her I feel like I should just go ahead and make 2 since Tylita is the same age... So they will be spoiled this year! I would post pictures but... like I said... no camera. Oh well.

In less than a week I will be home. Today it was pointed out to me that home is here... in idaho. But in reality I have two homes... I am just that lucky! My parents house will always be home to me. So WAH HOO! And I cant wait to see my sisters. We are jumping in a new sister while I am home... that should be fun! Thats about it. I will post pictures if I ever find my camera... :(

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