Saturday, January 29, 2011

A face to die for

So maybe not this one...
(not his best looking day... but he wanted me to take a picture)

But how about this one?!

I know! How can you resist her!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Comfort

I have been on the lookout for anew comforter for over a year now. Its been so hard to decide. I LOVE the clean white look in my bedroom because it feels peaceful and celestial.
(when i clean it) So i was looking for white.

After so long i finally decided i just needed to make a decision. I decided to go with the quilt look as opposed to a duvet cover (which is what i had last time and now hate), or a comforter. You will see my favorite part later!

(This isnt the best look of my bed but you get the idea. I will post better pictures when i finish my room makeover... hopefully soon! Im not happy with the blue in the room. Its too dark. Im thinking about repainting it lighter. What do you all think????)

This is my favorite part about it. In the twin falls temple you see flowers that look like this ALL OVER... so seeing it in my quilt just made it that much more special!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Birthday Date

The camera is recovered! And with it was some serious birthday cuteness... I know i know... its been forever and this is old news. But I dont care.

For As Birthday she had a hot date! It was also her betrothed's birthday the very next day! So they had a lunch date. And where else do 2 year olds have dates... But McDonalds!

Here she is... looking all cute for her man

Let the fun begin. They had the place to themselves pretty much and they had a pretty good time.

This is the goodbye kiss... Teeheehee... arent they adorable! I love these babies... I cant believe they are two now!