Thursday, March 17, 2011

The princess, the potty and the hair

So... hows it going you ask? Pretty awesome! Miss A only had one accident the first day at the very beginning and one last night while I was at YW... (dang Daddy) ;) This is pretty much how she has looked the last 2 days. we have cuter panties for her once I feel better about things.
And check out the hair... I cant believe how long it is getting. One of the nice parts about that is that we get to try out some fun hairstyles!

I picked up one of these awesome little tools which was a story in itself. I am in love!
This is what we came up with for today!

You might wonder how I get her to hold still... A, I am lucky and she likes to have her hair done. B, I let her play with all the stuff in the sink, like this spray bottle.

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