Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Captain Jack and Aurora

We have a mouse problem around here. Living right next to a corn field, they feel like our place is a great wintering grounds. In the past they have confined themselves to the yard. But this year they breached the barrier and ended up in the garage. When we first moved here, we tried three different times without success to get kittys. They ran away or were stolen. :( So we gave up. But in light of these new developments we are trying again.

Meet Captain Jack Sparrow and Aurora. Can you guess whos is whos? ;) A is in LOVE! I am having serious problems keeping Aurora and A apart. These kittys will be strictly outside cats and poor k will have to have limited contact due to his allergies. But hopefully this fall we will be mouse free!

Dont worry... after snapping this picture, I promptly saved the kitties life.

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The Bond Clan said...

Addy looks like she's gonna love those kittens to death! She's so cute, looks like fun.