Friday, May 6, 2011

A Wicked Good time!

After a VERY long time of wanting to see this Broadway show.... This girl FINALLY got her wish! I bought my tickets over the phone so I wasnt sure where our seats were exactly but the guy said that even though they were near the top they were still good seats... guess where we were....

See how there are many people in front of me... but no one behind? Yeah we were in the very last row... but does it look like I cared? No way! They actually were still pretty good seats!

I went with some pretty awesome ladies! My aunt Wendy...

And my best buddy Erin and her awesome mom! Look how Erin is doing what Erin does... messing with technology

This was our Elphaba... Christine Dwyer and I was in LOVE with her voice! SOOOOOO much better than the girl on the CD!

Pre show...

Me and my buddy!

And this is how excited I was after! I seriously LOVED it! If anyone wants to make me ecstatically happy... take me to a great musical and I will love you forever!

I loved it so much I bought a sweatshirt! And a keychain.... There went all my babysitting money this week!

And we topped the night off with a shake. Wendy got us a hotel room and all in all it was such a great girls night! I couldn't have spent it with more fun ladies! THANKS SO MUCH!

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