Monday, June 6, 2011

How are Summer is Shaping up

If recent activity is any indicator, I think we are going to have a great summer!
For Memorial Day we usually go camping. We LOVE to camp! But this year it was looking a little too crappy for camping so we decided to forgo that option. The actual day was beautiful! So we loaded up the kiddos and went looking for an adventure. With gas prices being so high the last few years we have not done as much of this as we used to.

We have not explored the Hagerman area much so we headed there. First stop was the alligator farm. There were about 6 out and about. The kids thought that was awesome. :) Like Daddys bed head? ;0

There is an alligator right behind them in the water

Then we wandered through the windmill farms. These things are HUGE! We went on some cool roads and saw a bunch of birds and rock-chucks.
After that we went to lunch in Hagerman and hit the fossil beds, Oregon Trail and the National Monument offices so that K could get his Junior Ranger badge. If you havent heard of this program and have a little kid, you should look into it. It has been so fun for K!
Here is the website!

Then last week we hit the park and library for the first time this summer. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day for it!

And then Thursday we met Dad for a costco dinner

This morning I found A like this... How the heck did she figure out how to watch a movie on my IPOD?!

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Jen said...

How Fun! Next time you go to Hagerman, check out the little cafe they have there and try the alligator...tastes just like chicken ;)