Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Workin Girl

I know its been a ridiculously long time since I have blogged. Our computer crashed and so it has been at the computer hospital, otherwise known as our home teachers house! But we have it back and are VERY happy!
A lot has happened this summer. Mostly lots of FUN! But One cool thing is that I got a job as a Family Educator with Head Start. I know that a crazy ton of people are having "thoughts" right now... So just to put your mind at ease...
1. I should be home when K gets off the bus most days and I get all school holidays and breaks off. Its awesome!
2. A is obscenely independent and social. Due to this fact, I think she will actually thrive being with other kids. And I have found a really awesome friend in the ward to watch her for me, who I trust implicitly.
3. Without going into details, I really felt like it was time for a change and this felt SOOO right.
And finally...
4. Yes, we did pray about this decision... a lot! and feel that it is an answer to prayers. Some people seem to think they have the right to receive revelation for our family, but luckily, that is our right alone. :)
Now that I have dealt with Naysayers...
I am SOOOO excited! I have been working for two weeks and I LOVE it! I do home visits for my caseload and get to work with kids and families. There is a lot involved, but its a very family friendly job and one bonus is that I get to work with one of my great friends! Everything seriously fell into place so perfectly for this, that I have no doubt it is right for us right now.
Wish us luck as our family enters into this new adventure!
Lots of Love!
The Bonds


Jen said...

So happy for you Lauren!

MH5 said...

I'm happy for you! There is no denying that something is right when everything seems to just fall into place. I think it's great!
Love you!

The Bond Clan said...

There was no question in our minds about you praying about it. We think it is great you have something in your area that is so perfect for you.
Have fun and you will be blessed for your efforts. We are excited to see you again!