Wednesday, September 7, 2011

8 Years and Counting

Warning...  This is a long one

So... once upon a time, A girl and a boy decided they liked each other enough to spend eternity together.  So they got themselves hitched.  Somehow, 8 years later, I am still married to my very best friend.  Our anniversary was actually a month ago, but I am just now getting around to blogging about our trip.

We decided, probably about 6 years ago, that every other year we wanted to do something really special for our anniversary.  Its so easy to get caught up in life and forget about each other, so we try to really make it a priority.  This year we lucked out because Daddy had to do an audit, so that pretty much paid for our trip out to San Fransisco!!!

Doing an audit meant that we spent the first two nights in Vaccaville, Ca.  Which was fine because they had some awesome outlets there and I got some school shopping done for this kids. I also found this little piece of home...

After I dropped off James at the audit I saw these in the air, so I stopped to check things out and got to see them take them down.  I thought about taking a ride until I checked it out and found out the price tag!  WHEW!!!  Its pretty pricy!
On the way back from the audit we discovered this little Gem... The JELLY BELLY FACTORY!!!  Daddy wanted to take a tour but the line was crazy!

That night we headed to Napa for dinner and a little sight seeing.  It was so beautiful and peaceful there!  We ate at this swanky resturaunt and the food was AWESOME... mmmmmmm  I have never had a pork pasta... but i wish I could figure it out.

The next morning we decided to hit the Jelly Belly factory one more time to get some jellybeans for our home teacher.  Lo and behold.... no line for the tour!  So we went...

Here we are looking sexy in our hats!

Then we headed to SF.  This is the bridge we got a 29 dollar ticket on because we didn't know about the toll!  DOH!

The next day we went to the WInchester mansion.  No one seemed to understand why this lady did all this weird stuff in her house... but I totally get her!  If I had all the money and time in the world I would totally do all this weird stuff to my house!

On the way back we decided to take the road less traveled.  We saw these beautiful mountains off to the side, so we got off the freeway and explored!  We ended up driving into the clouds!  It was amazing.

For dinner, we had an earthquake sunday at Ghirridelli Square.  I secretly only had two scoops and made Daddy eat the rest.  ;)

Side note... this guy has been around for a long time scaring people.  A couple of years ago when we were in SF for my brothers wedding he scared the PEE out of me and look... he is still there!

The next day we did alcatraz and peir 39 and fishermans wharf and the golden gate bridge and chinatown... I didnt get a lot of pictures though of those.  But it was great!  Here is the Golden Gate herself...
The next day we met Daddys aunt in Sonoma for brunch.  It was so great to see her and it was such a cute little town!  My hot chocolate was seriously just melted dark chocolate though!  SOOOO thick!  We also picked up fruit from a stand.  I forget how AMAZING the fruit in California is... This cherry is like a plum!!!

When we got home it was pretty obvious that our kids missed us!  A had to reintroduce Daddy to all her toys.  ;)
We had an amazing time!  I feel so blessed to be married to such a great man.  We had so much fun together and I am so glad we have the ability to get away like this just the two of us.  We didnt get a lot of time together before we started our family and so its fun to just be a couple again sometimes.  I seriously cant believe it has been 8 years already!!!  Only two more years to save for  our caribean cruise!!!

(and a SPECIAL thanks to the in-laws who made this all possible by babysitting!)

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