Sunday, September 11, 2011


I feel like I cant let this day go by without honoring it.  I keep thinking about how the world, the country, me... how we have all changed in 10 years.  I was talking to my young women about 9/11 today and its weird to think that they were 4-7 years old then... I feel old!

Ten years ago I was a freshman in College.  When the towers fell I remember feeling afraid.  We had been talking not long before that about how there were boys we knew who had patriarchal blessings that stated that they would be serving their country instead of a mission.  Emergency preparedness, last days prophesies... it was all so abstract until that day.  You feel invincible when you are 18, but not that day.  I felt very far away from the people I loved and very scared. 

Classes were canceled and I don't remember exactly what I did.  I know I donated blood and spent time with my dorm mates. The strongest memory I have is that I remember that at a devotional we sang "Be still my soul."  And at pretty much every meeting for the next couple of weeks actually. 

To this day I love that song and it always makes me remember 9/11.  Strangely it doesn't bring back the tragedy... But instead the love, patriotism, faith and peace I felt in the aftermath.  The realization that no matter what happened in the world around me, I could be at peace and be whole.  I feel blessed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I know my Father loves me and if I live my life worthily, he will bless me and never leave me comfortless...

I remember...
I remember we are stronger than we think
I remember that ordinary people can do extraordinary things for people they don't know
I remember that patriotism is not dead
I remember that our faith is stronger than our fear
I remember that God loves me and this great nation and will not leave us...

I hope this has been a great day for everyone and that we have all remembered the lessons we learned that day.

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