Saturday, October 29, 2011


When I asked A earlier in the month what she wanted to be for Halloween I wasn't surprised when she said a princess.  I WAS a little surprised when she said she wanted to be Cinderella.  Mostly because everyone knows her favorite princess is sleeping beauty.  ;)  So I thought for sure we were making a sleeping beauty costume.  But no, Cinderella.  Which was fine because I had seen THIS and knew i could do it. 

So Here is our little Cinderella.  It really was too perfect for her with her long blonde hair and her great love of all things princess.  she has been WAITING to wear this.  She told everyone at the trunk or treat that she was "Cindalella."There was much twirling and prancing.  We even found some "Glass" slippers.  We cant wait to see Nana and Papa so she can wear this to Disneyland.

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Melanie said...

Lauren!! That is so beautiful! I have never attempted something as lavish as that! Looks scary!! LOL! Wanna make me one?? After all...I am the original Cinderella (remember my wedding theme?!?) Love you and miss you!!