Thursday, October 6, 2011

K Turns 7 and we celebrate LEGO style!

7!  I cant believe it!  
I LOVE doing parties!  It gives me the chance to be creative and have fun with the kids.  However, its also a lot of work.  So I decided a few years ago that we would just do friend parties every other year.  This was the year.  
For Ks Birthday he wanted a LEGO party.   So I set to work looking for ideas.  I found a TON!  However, I didnt have the time to do everything I wanted... so I selected a few and it was penty.

First we have the "cake".  It is actually rice krispies.   I just made a large batch and smooshed it into the pan till it was brimming.  Once it had stiffened up I was able to cut it into the perfect sizes for lego blocks.  Then it was a matter of playing with them until I found the right setup.  The nubs on top are marshmallow halves that are frosted, frozen and then put on top.  Easy Peasy... but a little time consuming to get it all together.
Next, I wanted to do chocolate lego men to give to the kids.  I had envisioned making bag fulls of these, but I found that food coloring and chocolate are not best friends, so I only made 4 for each kid. 
These are the baskets.  My mom found these LEGO creator party packs and sent them up.  It was PERFECT!  The kids each got to make a LEGO car or plane and it was a booming success. 
Kaden invited his two girlfriends to the party so we had to have some LEGO girls too... ;)
The choco man up close
This was one of my faves!  I saw these HERE and loved them, however, they were no longer available where she got them and I cant afford to pay $20 each anyway.  So I used my  handy dandy freezer paper trick and made me some LEGO man T-Shirts for each kid.  Ks had a 7 on it since he was the birthday boy.  Total cost was about 2.10 per shirt.  Thank you walmart!!!
Here is A sporting the girly version.
Here is the birthday Gang...
This is K and his best buddy... they are weird...
Here they are eating my cake... it was bitter sweet to see it die, but it was delicious.  I had never had frosted rice krispies before... its yummy!
Heres the scoreboard for the guessing game.  They had to guess how many LEGOS were in the jar.  K was WAY off....

This was the pin the head on the LEGO man game... It was a big hit with the kids.  Even if there was some cheating that had to be monitored.
And here they are with their cars and trains.

We had a lot of fun tonight and I am soooo grateful that K has chosen such great friends.  They are super good kids! 

I cant believe he is seven.  It makes me feel sad, and proud and happy all at the same time.  One more year until he is baptized... I feel so much responsibility and love for this little boy!  Happy Birthday K!!!


Melanie said...

Check you out, momma!!! Everything looks so awesome! Way to go!

Samantha Jones said...

That is the coolest cake.