Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving and After

This year my in laws generously agreed to spend Thanksgiving at our place.  It turned our pretty great I think..

The kids and I made place cards for everyone.  And a trip to the dollar store yielded our centerpiece. In my family, growing up, my Gram always made sure that there were little touches to make things special.  In memory of Gram I tried to make this holiday season special in those little ways.  It was really fun.

Here is my Gobbler.  I used the Pioneer Woman method and she turned out delightful!  I haven't made a turkey since college so it was a fun experiment.

One of my favorite new traditions is after thanksgiving shopping.  This year my BFF Erin came from Utah and my two sister in laws stayed after thanksgiving.  We all headed out at about 8:30.  At 9 we decided to get over to wal mart and check out the lines.  That turned out to be a good idea.  After three hours in line We got this beauty!  I love our new TV!  We also got a Wii, some movies, another 19" TV, some games and a few other little items. 
The day after thanksgiving, in Rupert, they always have a lighting of the square and fireworks.  When we are in town we like to get over there.  The kids loved it this year.  And while it was fun, I will say... it was FREEZING this year.
Here is A watching the fireworks.  Such a cutie.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


So... November was fun.  We have a problem in my family, we call it genetically high butt crack.  It means that all jeans seem to show crack.  Ms. A seems to have inherited this as well... poor girl!  It is also called "showing us your Chelsea"
I love this picture.  One night, when Daddy got home from work, they all sat down and watched a movie on netflix... they love daddy!
Then we have Ms. A's birthday!  YAY!  Girlie turned 3... and what a cute little three year old she is!  Daddy for her this princess outfit and she had to wear it shopping... so this is what a princess wears shopping, right?  ;)