Friday, January 20, 2012

The three week vacation

For the holidays we ended up taking a three week vacation.  The first week, we spent christmas in rupert.  I dont have too many pictures of that adventure.  But we had a lovely christmas.  The next week we headed back to Cache Valley because Aunt Chelsea was coming up as well as Nana and Papa.

Since we were driving south we decided to meet up with Erin. She suggested going to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden.  That place is AWESOME!  If you live in the area you must go there.  The kids LOVED it!  They have lots of areas where you can do different interactive things.  They even have a medieval area with dress ups and a stage, life size chess and a bunch of other things.  The kids spent most of the time there.

Addy even got to participate in a play.  She was a rabbit in the three little pigs.
Then we headed to Cache Valley. We had a delightful time.  Mom and Dad and I met up with Neil (one of dads BFFs) for dinner at this place.  It makes me laugh... logans only rootbeer brewpub... lol!
After that we came home, picked up Daddy and headed to California.  While there A got to hang our with Scarlett!  She is this little cutie pictured below.  (also known as my brothers daughter)  

Other highlights of our trip are posted below...

A gets to build a bear!  This is a tradition we started.  Three means building a bear.
Giving her a heart.
Giving her a bath
And of course she needs princess attire!
Meet "Tota"  A picked out the name all by herself!
K at the LEGO store.
Then we hit up the aquarium.
This diver really liked A... he kept waving at her.
lunch break at Bubba Gump... this place was probably one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at.
Feeding the birds.  I dont know what happened to the picture of K, but he had one on his arm!  This picture is right before it bit A because she was trying to grab it... sigh...
K found a white peice of paper and figured out that if you moved it back and forth the seal would follow it.  This is another child trying it out.
We went up to Ft. Rosecrans so that we could visit Great Grandpas Grave as well as let K do the Jr. Ranger program at Cabrillo natl. monument.
Nana got a year membership at the Discovery Center.  This place was awesome.  The kids LOVED it.
the pin wall... this is K in case you cant tell...
K and A
in this cave was a video of a dinosaur.  A kept running in and out pretending to be afraid... it was hilarious!
A and K both got to lay on a bed of nails!  K was nervous, but true to form, A just wanted to give it a shot... no healthy amount of fear in that girl...
And last but not least!  Emily and I went rock climbing at a rock gym.  They had these "caves" that were pitch black you could try out... you had to army crawl through them and it was pretty crazy but super fun!  Must do again!

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