Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Sunday we had our egg harvest. They retrieved 26 eggs from me. (way more than we were expecting. We were expecting 10-15) Of those 26, 19 fertilized.

A little about this process... There are two methods ICSI is where they inject the sperm directly into the egg. Usually this is done when one or both partners has some defficiancy. Both of us had good quality retrievals so we did option two. This is where they put half a million sperm in with each egg and let them work it out. 19 is a great percentage for this process.

I got a call this morning with an embryo report. We have 18 embryos still progressing! Also great odds. Of these 18, they grade them in order to decide which to use. We don't have any grade 1. Bt she said that is pretty average. We have 7 grade 2. 2 five cell, 2 six cell and 3 8 cell. The rest are grade three. This doesn't mean they aren't viable, it means they might be a little fragmented or not progressing as fast.

Since everything looks so good we will be doing a day 5 transfer. That means that on Friday they will take the best looking embryos (although they will be at the blastocyst stage by then) and transfer custody to my uterus! So far so good! If you are curious about this and want to see pictures of what this all looks like here are two links.


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