Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A little about the process...

For those who are interested... A little about the process. I have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. 

What does this mean?  A lot, but long story short... Instead of producing one egg a month I form lots of little cysts.  This means that no one follicle ever gets large enough to rupture and produce a cute little baby.  :)

Right now we have been going through Ovulation Induction.  This means that I give myself a shot every day of FSH.  That forces my body to produce a lot of follicles in the hope that we have one or two that take off and get to be the right size.  

In a normal woman, this is what an ultrasound of an ovulating ovary would look like...
This is what I look like right now...
This is not what you want for a normal OI cycle, so guess what?  We are converting over to IVF... (lots of acronyms floating around, I know...)  

Now I will go in for an ultrasound every day to monitor me until they are ready to harvest my eggies.  At which point we get to make some petri dish babies.  Wish us luck!  More about the process as we go.

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Kimi said...

I pray for everything to work out wonderfully for you, Lauren. I have a dear friend who recently went through IVF, and my goodness, you are one very strong, inspiring women.

Love you!