Friday, August 10, 2012

The garden and feeling annoyed...

I'm going to start with my venting and then move on to cuter things.

The last month or so has obviously been super crazy for us.  I feel very blessed thoug because I have great friends that have helped out with meals, or laundry, or just taking the kids so they aren't so bored.  

If you know me you know I'm a social person.  When I was working I discovered something... It was really nice to have friends outside of church. I love the gospel and I love the people in my ward but sometimes it's a lot of drama. So since returning home full time I've been reintroduced to said drama and it's really frustrating me. 

I'll be friends with pretty much anyone who wants to be my friend but I'm over the days when I was willing to put all the work into relationships.  You want to hang out? Give me a call... Dont just mope and be sad that no one calls you.  We are all busy grown up women.  It's ok to have friends you get especially along with.  No one should hate you for that.  It's not ok to be unkind in your exclusivity.  I hope I have never been that.   

Long story short... I love pretty much everyone... You want to be friends?  Come on over. 

Now on to cuter things.  Our garden is coming in.  A little bit anyway. :) and it is delicious.  Check out this cute thing eating up come jellybean tomatoes and cucumbers with salt.  I love having fresh fruits and veggies to snack on!  And she looks oh so good doing it!

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