Wednesday, October 10, 2012

14.5 weeks

And all is well. Heard a great little heartbeat and I'm measuring right on.

The little bugger gave me quite a scare though... After about 5 minutes with the Doppler the nurse said if she couldn't find a heartbeat they would send me for an ultrasound. Just as I was about to break into tears we heard the sweet whoosh whoosh of the baby's beautiful heart.

My first two pregnancies were pretty easy. With mr. K I was HUGE... Like planetary. But other than that no biggie. With ms. A I had a little trouble late in the pregnancy with my right hip popping out occasionally. (A present from a horse riding accident a couple years before) but other than that no morning sickness, no horrible pain or constant heartburn or breast tenderness or anything.

This baby is throwing me through the ringer... I have everything possible! From very early on. Although I'm not gaining much weight which is kinda nice. Is this a sign of this little persons personality?

Regardless of the price I and my body pay, I am grateful to pay it.

For this child, I have prayed and cried and sacrificed and if it takes a little more to get this child safely into this mortal existence...Well then... I will give it.

(Although I can't promise not to complain sometimes... Just remember how I really feel. ;)

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