Monday, October 22, 2012

Playroom unveiled

Without the laptop it's hard to put pictures in order and put text after each... So I'll just talk and then you can look through the pictures. :)

 I'm mostly done!! Yay! And the best part is that it cost very little to do this room. I had to buy materials to make the beanbags, paint and the new storage bins but everything else was already ours and was either repurposed or repainted. LOTS of repainting. I still want to make something for them to hang their art creations on above the chalkboard.  Then there is the shelf that is a little empty.  But those little details can be done as we go along.  I also created the abc print on the shelf.

 Head start apparently rubbed off on me because we have three basic areas. (Head start has four but we dont have the block area) First, the house area. Girly, yes, but really the girl spends the most time there so I feel ok about that. We had everything here and then I just spray painted the drawers for the play food, jewelry and baby clothes. I love this little space!

 Then the art/game area. The pink and white bins have movies, crayons, colored pencils, and art supplies. Then our old bookshelf turned entertainment center. I had to back it with beadboard and reenforce it with a 2x4 to screw the tv mount into. The tv is attached to an arm that extends out and then it can swivel. The game cube and roku are stashed there too. Then there is a chalkboard I made. I LOVE IT! So do the kids. A dollar store basket screwed to the wall works to hold the chalk. And then of course a little table and chair. I kind of wanted to get rid of this and get a cute brightly colored ikea table and chairs but it wasn't in the budget so I might paint these. We will see. 

Then the toy area. Miss A's dollhouse and the new toy bins are here. K and a have all their toys stashed here. Although the pirate ships often end up back in kadens room with the Legos. That was the one toy I banned from the playroom. I want to try to keep them isolated to keep future baby from choking if possible. We also have two framed board games that the kids can pull off the wall and play. The peices, along with other kid games, are all in the entertainment center. And of course the new bean bags! We all love the new playroom! The kids play with their toys more now that it is all organized in ways that make more sense and make it easier to play with them. Part of me will miss having a nursery for this baby, but it is sooooo worth it! The kids bedrooms are almost always clean now, and its actually easier to keep the playroom clean. If you have an extra bedroom I highly recomend this! Is worth the sacrifice. I wish I had done it a long time ago! Enjoy the pictures. :)

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Melanie Allen said...

So fun!!! The room turned out just perfect! You are so creative! Love the dress up corner! All our dress up clothes are in a big bin- I've been wanting to do something different. I sure miss seeing you.