Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Gratitudes

This year we have been both greatly tried and greatly blessed.  I have been reminded that from great trial can come the greatest blessings.  And while in the thick of it I might not have always been grateful, In hindsight I cant help but be.

I am grateful for:

10.  My health.  During IVF I was physically tried greatly.  It was more difficult than I imagined, and I was not sure if we would even get the outcome we desired.  But when I could breath again, walk again, and the was pain free, I could realize how healthy and strong I really was!  What a blessing!

9.  My home.  So many struggle to keep a roof over their heads.  We are blessed in this regard.  We have a beautiful house that is so full of love and laughter it has become our home.

8.  My Friends.  I have such incredible friends.  From those I see rarely but when I do,  its as though no time has passed at all.  To those who support, love, and bless me on a daily basis.

7.  My siblings.  I cant say enough.  I have great siblings.  We are outspoken and loud.  We fight, we laugh, we forgive, we dont always forget, but we get over it.   They are funny and bright and I adore them.

6.  My in-laws.  I married an amazing man.  He could only have become so with the help of the good people who raised him.  They have taken me into their large brood and loved me despite my flaws.

5.  My parents.  I was raised to work, love, have faith, and be strong.  I never doubted the strength of their love for me and it has always sustained and inspired me.

4.  My children.  Man they are awesome.   They are the greatest things I have ever done with my life.  They also inspire me.  As well as challenge me.  I cant begin to imagine my life any other way than with the 2.5 spirits growing within my home and love.

3.  C.  Each of our children has come at greater and greater cost physically, emotionally and financially.  (and scientifically... lol!)   Some might think we are crazy.  We have two beautiful children.  Why isnt that enough?  But I felt her spirit waiting to come to us.  And as she moves inside of me and grows stronger each day, I feel more and more grateful to have the blessing of being her mother.

2.  My husband.  He is also truly awesome!  He is a good provider for our family.  He loves our children with an incredible patience and passion.  He does the same for me, for I require a great deal of patience!  ;)  He loved God and is a faithful servant to Him.  He brings the light of the Gospel into our home on a daily basis and provides an incredible example to our children.  I love him more today than ever.

1.  And finally the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am blessed by the minute by having this in my life.  The  members are certainly flawed, but the Gospel is perfect.  The love of my Savior is perfect.  I am daily reminded of His love for me.  For that I could never be grateful enough. 

I hope we can all truly grateful this holiday season.  Let us take the blessings we have and let them inspire us to bless the lives of others!  I love you all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's a...

We had our ultrasound Friday and got another peek at the baby.  I REALLY thought it was a boy.  Not sure why... Just a feeling.  But as soon as the tech zoomed in on the parts, even I could tell it was a girl.  The three little lines and the absence of the little boy parts was obvious.  A was extatic! As you can probably imagine.

  It was really hard to get good images of her because she was moving sooooo much.  None of the 2D ones were that great but he did get this shot which was pretty cool. She is smiling and sticking out her tonge.  What a cutie!

I had hoped to be able to post her name.  We have pretty much decided but have not done the final vote... Hopefully soon though.  I hate knowing she's a girl and not being able to call her her name.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Presidential Election Year: the good the bad and the ugly...

I have decided that a presidential election year brings out the good the bad and the ugly in people...

I have seen allllllll over Facebook, various derogatory campaigns from both sides.

I found Myself reading one today that put down democrats as a whole, and my first instinct was to laugh. Initially I thought, how true! And then I found myself slightly ashamed to have thought that such a blanket statement could be applied to a group of people. I HATE it when people do that to me.

I love that people are so passionate this year about this election. I have strived to be accepting of others viewpoints and not try to force my own. I honor the right of others to seek out truth and vote as their conscience dictates. No matter who or what they vote for.

I am grateful that there is a candidate this year who I feel good about voting for and I pray that, no matter the outcome, our nation will be blessed and that the man charged with running it will be blessed as well. I think that is the best we all can do.

So happy Election Day! No matter who you voted for... I'm proud of you! ;)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Some mornings

Some mornings are so good. This morning I was laying in bed while Daddy was getting the kids breakfast. Everyone was happy and chatty. I heard A singing a song to Daddy from one of her movies. Then she started telling him about all the things that make her happy. "And I just LOVE rainbows daddy!"

Some days are hard but sweet everyday tender mercies of moments like these make it all worthwhile.