Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Presidential Election Year: the good the bad and the ugly...

I have decided that a presidential election year brings out the good the bad and the ugly in people...

I have seen allllllll over Facebook, various derogatory campaigns from both sides.

I found Myself reading one today that put down democrats as a whole, and my first instinct was to laugh. Initially I thought, how true! And then I found myself slightly ashamed to have thought that such a blanket statement could be applied to a group of people. I HATE it when people do that to me.

I love that people are so passionate this year about this election. I have strived to be accepting of others viewpoints and not try to force my own. I honor the right of others to seek out truth and vote as their conscience dictates. No matter who or what they vote for.

I am grateful that there is a candidate this year who I feel good about voting for and I pray that, no matter the outcome, our nation will be blessed and that the man charged with running it will be blessed as well. I think that is the best we all can do.

So happy Election Day! No matter who you voted for... I'm proud of you! ;)

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