Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Baby Must Haves

 I have discovered that people are VERY defensive about they things they love for baby.  I got a package today with one of my baby must haves and I thought I would share my list with you beautiful people.

First Diapering...
I really am not picky about brands of diapers.  There are some I for sure don't like, (White cloud and Luvs)  K had SUPER sensitive skin and the only diaper that didn't irritate him was Huggies.  So I kind of like them for that reason, but I'm not loyal.

HONEST DIAPERS!  Order their free trial.  They will change your life.  They arent saggy soggy.  They hold a ton.  AND they are cute!

Diaper Pail:
A lot of people I know don't use a diaper pail.  That's cool.  If you are disciplined enough to take all those poopy and pee pee diapers out of the house 20 times a day then I applaud you.  But I'm a little lazy in that regard.  We tried a diaper genie that a friend gave us with K and we HATED it.  It creates what we call the "diaper snake."  A HUGE long tube of moldy, nasty, stinky DISGUSTINGNESS.  That you then have to handle.  Don't do it.  Don't buy a diaper genie... But I LOVE this one.  Its a diaper champ.  Found at target for like $30.  You can use your regular trash bags and its small enough that you wont accumulate so many diapers that its unbearable to empty.  I still recommend some sort of deodorizer for the inside.  So there's my 2 cents on diaper pails.

Diaper Cream:
LOVE this stuff.  Works like a charm, smells good, and doesn't stick to your fingers for the rest of the day.  Nuff said.


Boy or girl, I cant live without these.  In the middle of the night, snaps and zippers are a deal breaker.  Especially at the beginning when they wake up sooo often and you are sleep deprived.  Added bonus if they have these cuffs on them so baby doesn't scratch themselves silly at night.

Playtex Nursers:

Here is another Lazy/Picky Choice for me.  Because I have a hard time breast feeding, I need my babies to be pros at switching between bottle and breast.  Personally, I think these are the BEST for that.  But there is a catch.  These bottles don't automatically come with the latex nipples anymore.  They did with my first two babies but with this one I had to go out and buy a couple of packages of the nipples at Babies R Us.  (they also sell them at Kmart and on Amazon.)  The silicone ones are too hard, and I think these are much more natural for the little bebe.  Added bonus that baby gets less air in their belly AND!  BEST PART!  Way easier to wash bottles because of the drop in liners!

Cloth diaper Burp Cloths:
I have tons of different kinds of burp cloths.  They are pretty and cute and they are nice to throw over your shoulder in church.  But when things get nasty you need these.  They are SUPER absorbent and soft.  Made by Gerber, come in white.  This time around I got adventurous and dyed them cute colors.  so now they are cute AND functional.  Go me.  ;)  Get some cute ones.  But for the real deal get these guys!

Breast Pump:
My biggest advice is, don't go cheap.  I bought an evenflo from walmart when I had #1 and it hurt, and didn't get the job done.  I ended up giving up.  With #2 I got a Medela and it was incredible!  The difference is amazing.  Whatever brand you get, just get quality.  
Side note:  "they" say not to buy used.  I say (in my very unprofessional opinion)  That used is fine.  Just buy all new parts for anything that could be unsanitary. (the major cost is in the motor, which never touches any breast milk.)  I bought mine from a friend and then I just went to target and bought new bottles, tubing, valves and shields.  You can probably get all that for like $15.  I bought all new with this baby too, so its not a bad idea to get some new and clean stuff every baby anyway.

Pacifier (soothies or gumdrop):

I'm a loyal believer in these!  I wont buy any other kind.  Neither of my kids took a pacifier for very long.  But when they did, I liked soothies.  Again, mainly because i think they are the best at not interfering with breastfeeding.  These little beauties are just like soothies but don't cover their entire face.  
(I also think that its super funny to watch a baby suck on these because you can see the inside.)

Babies sleep... don't think you need anything fancy here.  BUT  I do love my Bassinet when they are newborns.  Again, I'm not loyal to a certain kind.  Just grab a cute one and go.


With the first two I had all sorts of flannel blankets.  They never worked that great.  Recently I discovered Aiden and Anias Blankets.  I LOVE them but they are super pricey.  So I found a website that sells the fabric and I bought a bunch and dyed it myself.  I have given a bunch away and people seem to love them.  I cant wait to try them out on little C!  Here's the link if you want to give it a try.  :)

They are the MOST amazing blankets.  The fabric from dharma trading company is by far, more soft and snuggly than any commercial blankets.  But I was given a couple of the Aiden and Anias ones and they are lovely too!

Pack n Play QUILTED Sheet:
Pack N Plays are awesome for travel.  But what I hate is how stiff the "mattresses" are.  I have one of these and I love it.  It makes it so cozy for baby.  Mine is also kind of plush.  I think even I could sleep on it.  ;)  Not a MUST have I guess... but a nice to have.

Getting around
Graco Snugride:
This is the car seat we actually got this time around.  Isn't it cute!  Anyway.  I am a great lover of Graco.  We had an evenflo when K was first born and ended up having a situation where he was injured due to a flaw in the stroller.  I will never buy evenflo again.  EVER.  Moving on.  I need to stipulate that I don't like ALL Graco snugrides.  They have cheaper ones that are... well... cheap.  This is one of their higher end models and I think its so worth it.  It isn't the lightest weight on the market, but I will compromise a little on weight for design and safety.  Love it!

Bundle Me:
CANT LIVE WITHOUT!  Seriously.  If you have a baby and you don't have one of these... go out and buy one right now.  You can get them on ebay brand new for a reasonable price.  They come in all colors and they come in different weight so you can use them in the spring and fall too.  I take them out in the summer though.  No suffocating the poor thing with one of those stretchy thingys that goes right over their face.  You can put the flap up over the canopy and baby is protected from the elements and super warm and cozy. 

Wrap Carrier:
Love these.  I took my son to a craft show when he was a baby and thought I could just carry him.  9 lbs doesn't sound like a lot till you have walked a mile at a craft show and then it suddenly feels like 200 lbs!  These are nice for when you don't want to deal with the stroller or just around the house.  I'm not brand loyal here... in fact I'm not brand at all.  If you want one of these, go to the fabric store and find a knit fabric you like that is a texture and weight you like, and buy five yards.  Go home and cut it in half lengthwise so you have 2 five yard lengths.  Now you have two of these!  Give one away or keep it for extra.  You just saved yourself 30 bucks.  ;)  You're welcome.

(You can find wrapping instructions online)

Baby Magic:
When I had my son I had this memory of how babies should smell.  I went out and bought some Johnson's baby soap and lotion and when I brought my baby home and washed him and slathered him down, I was grossly disappointed!  This was not the smell I remembered.  (My mom must have used baby magic)  
Johnson's is fine.  But THIS is the good stuff.  This makes me want to snuggle and sniff my babies all day.  It is kind of hard to find now.  I had to order it off amazon this time around.  But a big bottle will last forever.  I imagine Babies R Us has it but we don't have one close.  It comes in soap and lotion.  Pink or yellow bottle, not purple.  You will never go back.

So there you have it... These are my Must haves.  Luckily, we already had almost all of this before I got put on bed rest.  I just got my baby magic today so now I think we are set.  Again, I know people get kind of touchy and defensive about their baby loves... go ahead... love your stuff and I'll love mine.  If you don't have a love and are looking for one... then give mine a shot.  ;)

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