Friday, January 11, 2013

Personal Progress

In our church the program for girls 12-17 is called Young Women's. I have been lucky enough to be called as the advisor for the last 3+ years. That means I teach the lessons on Sundays and hang out at the activities on Wednesdays.

A few months ago we did an activity with our girls where they learned how to sew these tri-fold personal progress packets. One of our Laurels found it on Pinterest.

It was a little ambitious and took two weeks since a lot of our girls didn't have much experience sewing. But it was so fun! And such a great idea! (The woman who's blog I read made them for her girls... New beginnings gift?)

One of our beehives came up with the idea to do an elastic closure instead of a button. What a brilliant girl! For anyone trying this, just put the elastic right in the middle of the top layer and it will work like a charm!

Because I was helping the girls I didn't get to make one... But I finally got around to it! I love this chunky lace elastic!

I received my personal progress as a young woman and so I haven't been working on it as a leader... But since it looks like ill be around for a while... What the heck, maybe ill do it again. :)

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