Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I had a Dr. appt today.  Im almost 30 weeks at this point.  I have been having a lot of contractions, increasing in frequency over the last two months, and it was starting to make me a little nervous.  At my last appointment he said he would check me this time and we would see what was going on.  When it came down to it he left it up to me.  I almost said forget about it.  But then I thought...  "I will feel so much better once he checks me and I KNOW there is nothing happening."  

I think both he and I thought I was being paranoid... but he is a great Dr. and he listened to me.  Lo and behold, I am dilated to a 2 and 40% effaced.  For a little perspective... I was a 2 and 0% when I went into labor with Addy.  

AWESOME right?  No.  

So he sent in a test that measures weather my body is trying to go into labor.  If it came back positive he said strict bed-rest, steroids to help her lungs mature and meds to stop the contractions.  Negative results and I still get bed-rest and the meds to stop the contractions, but "light"  bed-rest.  Meaning I can make dinner and get stuff for the kids and fold laundry, but no heavy housework, etc and pretty much hang out at home.  Still sucks but definitely the better of the options.

I just got the call and the test was negative.  YAY!  Sort of.  My body is definitely not doing what its supposed to.  And I need to be careful.  Im going to have to start going in weekly and I have to take a pill every 4-6 hours (and this could all change next week... sigh).  But hopefully this means little Clara will emerge fully cooked!  Totally worth the sacrifice!

I am so grateful I listened to the spirit and pushed to find out what was going on when the choice was left to me.  Its easy to feel embarrassed and leave all the decisions to the Dr. But if I have learned anything after going through all of our medical dramas... you HAVE to be your own advocate.  So there's my two cents... ;)

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