Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why yes! I DO still have a ways to go. Thanks for pointing that out for me.

Ok... So I'm posting this because many of you have seen me waddling around, or alternating between sitting and standing in the back of the relief society room... And you have wondered (some of you aloud) HOW long does she have left?

12 Weeks folks!!!

Although I'm thinking it will be closer to 9. Not that I want her to make an early appearance. But both of my other kids were early. Kaden 1.5 weeks and addy was 2.5 weeks. Hopefully though, she will hang in there and not make a trend of 3.5 weeks...

Just for the currious...
I have been having severe hip pain since about 8 weeks. I got a small reprieve around 20 weeks but it didn't last long. I also have a separation of my pubic symphysis. (I think that's right anyway) That is some bad pain between my pubic bones. Add to that the contractions that I get if I go to the store or mop my floor... And yes... I'm kind of miserable.

But it's ok. The good news is there is an end! And at the end I get the MOST awesome reward!!!

So if you see my limping or waddling around... Or if I miss an activity or meeting or whatever... Don't worry... I'm alive. I'm just trying to take it easy until I get my sweet little prize. Ill be back in the game in 12 weeks or so! ;)

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Jen said...

Yes, it will all be worth it soon! Sorry you are dealing with so much pain!