Thursday, February 28, 2013

The best maternity pants EVER

Im going to tell you a secret.  I just cant keep it to myself.. at least not with so many of my friends pregnant right now.  I have found THE BEST maternity pants... EVER!  A friend of mine had a pair of these.  She then passed them down to another friend (Who by the way, had twins and they fit right up to the end and even went to the hospital with her).  After seeing both of these women sport these pants so frequently... I just had to get them.  They looked SO comfy!

This is them!  And HERE is the link to where you can obtain them.

I know... they look like high waters here (the model must be REALLY tall because Im 5'9" and mine are great) and its weird that she is wearing those shoes.  But trust me.  They are a light weight knit and although I don't usually love things that go under belly, these work.  I love them because they feel like Yoga Pants, but you can pair them with a nice shirt and they look nice.  (Not that I go anywhere anymore)

You're having a baby?  Go buy these now!  ;)
We have decided that three kids in the back seat of our Buick sounds like a recipe for disaster.  Its been a great car but its time to say goodbye.  If you know anyone who needs a dependable car that gets good gas mileage, pass this along.  :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bedrest Chronicles #5

What do we do all day on bedrest?  That is a good question.  We are getting better at finding ways to fill our time.  Here is a glimpse into our days...

A LOVES writing her name, my name and dads name right now.  She also likes cutting out pieces of paper and gluing them together to make the letters of her name.  I know I am prejudiced, but I think this is SUPER smart and creative!  Love this cutie!
I tried making one of these things... Its a nursing cover poncho.  It was supposed to be super simple.  One line of stitching.  I had the serger brought to my little try table and away I went.  But the fabric I got was too narrow so it was a fail... Ended up buying one on etsy.  At least it gave me something to do one afternoon.  I haven't really done too much sewing because I have to lean forward on the couch and it squishes my belly too much.
Last Friday three of my friends came by for lunch with their cute babies!  This is my friend Jackie with her twin boys!  She is such an awesome mom!  It was fun to sit and chat with my friends for a while.  It was seriously just what I needed.  :P
We also play games.  With A this can prove a challenge.  We play a lot of I SPY... but she kind of stinks at this game.  Its entertaining, but we are getting tired of it.  Because of this, after much thought about what would work while sitting on the couch, I got some new games on amazon today and Daddy picked up a game at target.  They should all be age appropriate for her.  Cant wait to add some variety to our game playing.
I have been doing as much crocheting as my wrists are allowing... I have some issues with carpal tunnel, even when I'm not pregnant, and so the pregnancy just makes it worse.  I'm working on a blanket for little Clara and I made these cute little shoes!  I love them!
I also read a lot.  A watches more TV than is probably good for her... she takes hour long baths with her barbies.  And we play a lot of dollies and barbies.  Which entails me doing it wrong and her correcting me the whole time.  Its entertaining and helps the time pass.  

Went in on Tuesday and had my first non stress test.  Baby cooperated and everything looked great there.  My cervix hasnt changed from last appointment.  Thats as good of news as we could have hoped for!  Im measuring right on, which is strange for me.  I always measure big.  

Future forecast (tentative):
The Dr. is just playing things by ear.  We will take it week by week.  He said that since the baby has had the steroid shots, they would take her at that hospital as early as 35 weeks.  While I DO NOT want her that early, its reassuring.  

He also said to make sure I bring my bags every week because if I have progressed to a 4, he is keeping me.  With this in mind... Tuesday I will go in for my appointment as usual.  With the hope that I am not a 4.  Then I will try to schedule my next appointment for next Friday (I would be one day shy of 36 weeks) instead of Tuesday.  Daddy will go with me to the rest of the appointments so that if they keep me he is on deck.  

I have also packed my breast pump with my hospital bag.  Just a little FYI...  while her lung development is less of a concern than before, another major concern with a preemie is eating.  A lot of times they aren't so good at it and require a feeding tube or bottle feeding.  Should this happen I want to be able to pump.  Its so weird to think that we are this close.  EEK!  While I want to be prepared, I would LOVE it if she hung in there till 37 weeks!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Three and a half weeks down and only three to go!  Its kind of hard to believe actually until I look in the mirror.  I feel and look way too soft.  While I have struggled with weight my whole life, I have always been proud of the fact that I am pretty muscular.  I feel all the dwindling away...  After three weeks of sitting in bed or on the couch I can feel my muscles atrophying... I think that this is going to be the most frustrating part of getting back in shape after this baby.  Good news is that while my muscle is dwindling, I am not gaining much at all.  (Although that could just be an even trade)

C and I have been having some conversations and I have let her know that an early emergence before 36 weeks will not be acceptable.  Appointment Tuesday for a non stress test and check up.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bedrest chronicles #4

For those of you interested in the play by play of the last two days I thought I would put it here.

Tuesday morning I was having quite a few contractions, but not more than usual.  I doubled up on meds and then went to lay down for a while.  The contractions tapered off but my heart started racing.  I mean... RACING.  I timed it and I was going about 150 bpm.  And I was having trouble breathing.  This was my major concern.  I called the Dr. and got in for later that day.  James asked if I wanted him to come with me but I figured it was no biggie.  Probably just going to change my meds.  (PS... my Dr. is out of town this week so I was a little worried about seeing someone different.)

I got in and the nurse practitioner spoke with me for a few minutes.  She decided to run the fetal fibronectin test again, and check me.  I had changed to almost a 3 and 70% effaced.  AWESOME... :(  So... she called in the other Dr. in the practice and talked it over with him.  He said given the fact that my cervix is changing he is nervous and wanted to send me over to the hospital for observation.  Off I went.

Once admitted, they strapped me all up.  Within a few minutes the results of the fFN test came back... positive.  My contractions picked back up as well and unlike the past, these ones were hurting.   But they were pretty erratic.  (which is normal when I'm on the meds.)  So the plan was to watch my contractions, and give me the first dose of steroids to help little Cs lungs develop.

C does NOT like the monitors... it was kind of funny.  She kept punching it.  Which is noisy.  The nurse commented that at least we know she is healthy and active.  TRUE!

 At around 5 the Dr came in and checked me.  No progress which is actually awesome.  But they hadn't been able to stop the contractions completely.  This was still a concern for him.  But since there was no change he decided to send me home.  I need to have another steroid shot and he wants to do an ultrasound to check the fluid around her.  Also they wanted to check me again.  Joy.  His conclusion was this.  Sometimes the body just wants to have a baby and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  If my water breaks before 36 weeks, go to Twin.  Otherwise they will continue to monitor me and hopefully we can make it to the goal line!

I took this opportunity to chat with the nurse and Dr. about my worst case scenarios.  I like to be prepared as much as possible.  Good news... Since we hit the 32 week mark, they wouldn't have to ship me or baby to SLC or Boise.  Bad news... they would have to ship me to Twin Falls.  Which I would like to avoid because A. I LOVE the Burley hospital, staff and Drs.  B.  I don't love the Twin staff, hospital and Drs.  That's pretty much it.  If we can make it to 36 weeks, (or close) the Burley hospital should be able to take care of her.  The other good news is that at this point she will hopefully be fairly healthy but need some breathing help and growing time in a NICU.  Hopefully that will not happen but its reassuring to know that we will hopefully not be dealing with anything too serious if it does.  But you never know...   So AT LEAST 36 weeks is the goal.

Then we had a followup appointment yesterday.  No change in my cervix, which is good.  Then we got to wait around for a couple of hours until I could get my second and last steroid shot.  MAN!  Those suckers HURT!  And then we had an ultrasound.  Which was the best part of all this.  Its always so fun to get a look and see that they are growing strong and healthy.

The first shot they got was of her head.  You could see all this stuff sticking up off her head.  (I wish we would have gotten a picture of it because you cant tell in the 3D)  The US technicians first words were, "WOW!  Look at all that hair!"  So it looks like we will have another baby with hair.  Towards the end she got the hiccups and we were able to see her little chest hiccuping.  It was pretty funny.  She didn't seem to be enjoying them.  Here are a couple shots of the cutie.  :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bed rest chronicles #3

My love language is time/service. I'm not big on letter writing or emails. Mostly because I'm forgetful. I suck at thinking of gifts most of the time, unless its something I make. (Again... Time/service). And while I think I am affectionate with my family... I don't really go around hugging everyone.

If you are important to me. You will get my time and service. I will visit you and do things for you to show my love. Because I show people they are important to me in this way... It's also how I perceive that I am important to other people.

Bedrest has been interesting in this way. I don't usually need anything from others and spend most of my time not dwelling on it. But I have a lot of time on my hands lately, as you might guess. It has been surprising to see who shows up. People who I never knew thought twice about me have come to visit, or help pick up, or brought food and a multitude of other little acts of love. There are some who I thought would rally with me to keep me company, who I have not seen at all.

And then there are the no surprise friends. They show up and hang out on my couch chatting. Bring me treats to cheer me up. Call to see if I need something from Walmart when they are headed there. Take my child so she can have a break from the monotony of a mother who sits on the couch all day. I count my blessings daily for ALL my friends. But most especially these. They make it a little easier to get through the day.

I have learned over the last few years that not everyone shows their love the same way. And the way I show it might not always be perceived as love. In learning this, I have tried to be patient with those who show that they care in other ways. Sometimes you have to look hard for the ways in which people show you that you are important to them. If that is the way they communicate, then I need to learn how to be better at communicating that way.

If someone uses their words, but doesn't invest time. To me, that looks like they don't care, but maybe they just aren't wired that way. So I need to learn to accept that and communicate with them in their way. Because if I never use words of affirmation and only spend time serving them... They may never understand that they are important to me.

But i digress... (This is the social scientist in me.) I'm surviving bedrest so far. I'm sooooo grateful it isn't "strict" and hopefully it will stay that way. I'm still having contractions that break through the meds some days but they aren't like they were before. On those days I end up in bed most of the day. But since I take more meds those days I sleep more so they go by pretty fast.

4 more weeks! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Bed

My grandmother was very involved while we were growing up. My mother taught me to make my bed. (Although I admit I don't do it often). But my grandmother taught me how to MAKE a bed. I'm talking... Sheets crisp and flat. Blankets and comforters precisely placed and pulled up. Top sheet folded over crisp and neat. Regular pillow AND decorative sham at a minimum. Everything matches. Therefore when I do make my bed... I am fairly anal about it.

Most mornings at Grams house, she would come down the hall calling that we were wasting the day away! Time to get up!

But I also have more memories than I can count, of crawling into the other side of my Grams bed in the mornings when I would stay with her. Even as an adolescent. The feel of crawling into a beautifully made bed will always remind me of some of my greatest memories of her. She would read the paper and then we would read the funnies. New Years, if I was there, we would watch the rose parade.

I miss that... But I'm glad she left me that memory. :) if I could live closer to her now, I would make sure she had a beautifully made bed every day. I love you Gram!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bed rest chronicles #2

"It's all I ever wanted for my whole life!"

Every time A opened a present this Christmas, that is what she cried out. Best age ever for Christmas!

I was laying here in bed feeling a little sorry for myself. You see, I am turning 30 at the end of the month. I had not planned to be pregnant this month. I had planned on doing some adventures. Possibly with my sisters if I could have arranged it, since we are super good at adventures! I wanted to make it a memorable month.

Then it didn't work out that way. It took more cycles to get pregnant than anticipated. Whatever. I can still have adventures when I'm 8 months pregnant. Just different ones, right?

Wrong. Bedrest. So I turn thirty on my couch.

And I think... I have spent my ENTIRE twenties either trying to get pregnant, or pregnant... Seriously. I'm not embellishing. I'm so tired of it. This part was supposed to be fun and liberating. (I'm having quite the pity party, aren't I. ;)

And then, clear as day, I hear that quote come into my head. "This is all I ever wanted for my whole life." And I begin to cry. Tears of joy and a little shame. My entire life... All I ever wanted was to be a mom. Given the challenges we have, I might have been denied that privilege. But The Lord has seen fit to bless me...  With all I have ever wanted for my whole life.

I began to think of the other things I have spent the last decade doing. (Which I will elaborate on in my birthday post.). And I find that I have led an incredibly blessed and full life. Who am I to complain that this one thing didn't go as planned? When I have a whole life that has gone gloriously and incredibly, according to His plan.

I know that The Lord answers prayers. As I have moments of struggle and frustration, He allows them. I am grateful he does not deny us the right to feel indignation and frustration at our simple losses, because they are real to us. And then he sends that still small voice to remind me gently of His love and devotion to my life. It causes me to feel all the more blessed because of the loss felt in the moment before.

So I will spend the thirtieth birth month having a different sort of adventure. I will play balloon volleyball. I will read all sorts of good literature I won't have time for in a month or two. I will get to watch others love for me as they serve me. And I will keep growing this sweet little person. Because motherhood is my great adventure for now. And it really is all I ever wanted. ;)