Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Bed

My grandmother was very involved while we were growing up. My mother taught me to make my bed. (Although I admit I don't do it often). But my grandmother taught me how to MAKE a bed. I'm talking... Sheets crisp and flat. Blankets and comforters precisely placed and pulled up. Top sheet folded over crisp and neat. Regular pillow AND decorative sham at a minimum. Everything matches. Therefore when I do make my bed... I am fairly anal about it.

Most mornings at Grams house, she would come down the hall calling that we were wasting the day away! Time to get up!

But I also have more memories than I can count, of crawling into the other side of my Grams bed in the mornings when I would stay with her. Even as an adolescent. The feel of crawling into a beautifully made bed will always remind me of some of my greatest memories of her. She would read the paper and then we would read the funnies. New Years, if I was there, we would watch the rose parade.

I miss that... But I'm glad she left me that memory. :) if I could live closer to her now, I would make sure she had a beautifully made bed every day. I love you Gram!

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