Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bedrest chronicles #4

For those of you interested in the play by play of the last two days I thought I would put it here.

Tuesday morning I was having quite a few contractions, but not more than usual.  I doubled up on meds and then went to lay down for a while.  The contractions tapered off but my heart started racing.  I mean... RACING.  I timed it and I was going about 150 bpm.  And I was having trouble breathing.  This was my major concern.  I called the Dr. and got in for later that day.  James asked if I wanted him to come with me but I figured it was no biggie.  Probably just going to change my meds.  (PS... my Dr. is out of town this week so I was a little worried about seeing someone different.)

I got in and the nurse practitioner spoke with me for a few minutes.  She decided to run the fetal fibronectin test again, and check me.  I had changed to almost a 3 and 70% effaced.  AWESOME... :(  So... she called in the other Dr. in the practice and talked it over with him.  He said given the fact that my cervix is changing he is nervous and wanted to send me over to the hospital for observation.  Off I went.

Once admitted, they strapped me all up.  Within a few minutes the results of the fFN test came back... positive.  My contractions picked back up as well and unlike the past, these ones were hurting.   But they were pretty erratic.  (which is normal when I'm on the meds.)  So the plan was to watch my contractions, and give me the first dose of steroids to help little Cs lungs develop.

C does NOT like the monitors... it was kind of funny.  She kept punching it.  Which is noisy.  The nurse commented that at least we know she is healthy and active.  TRUE!

 At around 5 the Dr came in and checked me.  No progress which is actually awesome.  But they hadn't been able to stop the contractions completely.  This was still a concern for him.  But since there was no change he decided to send me home.  I need to have another steroid shot and he wants to do an ultrasound to check the fluid around her.  Also they wanted to check me again.  Joy.  His conclusion was this.  Sometimes the body just wants to have a baby and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  If my water breaks before 36 weeks, go to Twin.  Otherwise they will continue to monitor me and hopefully we can make it to the goal line!

I took this opportunity to chat with the nurse and Dr. about my worst case scenarios.  I like to be prepared as much as possible.  Good news... Since we hit the 32 week mark, they wouldn't have to ship me or baby to SLC or Boise.  Bad news... they would have to ship me to Twin Falls.  Which I would like to avoid because A. I LOVE the Burley hospital, staff and Drs.  B.  I don't love the Twin staff, hospital and Drs.  That's pretty much it.  If we can make it to 36 weeks, (or close) the Burley hospital should be able to take care of her.  The other good news is that at this point she will hopefully be fairly healthy but need some breathing help and growing time in a NICU.  Hopefully that will not happen but its reassuring to know that we will hopefully not be dealing with anything too serious if it does.  But you never know...   So AT LEAST 36 weeks is the goal.

Then we had a followup appointment yesterday.  No change in my cervix, which is good.  Then we got to wait around for a couple of hours until I could get my second and last steroid shot.  MAN!  Those suckers HURT!  And then we had an ultrasound.  Which was the best part of all this.  Its always so fun to get a look and see that they are growing strong and healthy.

The first shot they got was of her head.  You could see all this stuff sticking up off her head.  (I wish we would have gotten a picture of it because you cant tell in the 3D)  The US technicians first words were, "WOW!  Look at all that hair!"  So it looks like we will have another baby with hair.  Towards the end she got the hiccups and we were able to see her little chest hiccuping.  It was pretty funny.  She didn't seem to be enjoying them.  Here are a couple shots of the cutie.  :)

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Jennifer {The Craft Patch} said...

I sure hope little Clara doesn't get too impatient...stay in there and grow a little longer, sweet baby! And hang in there, Lauren! Thinking of you!