Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bedrest Chronicles #5

What do we do all day on bedrest?  That is a good question.  We are getting better at finding ways to fill our time.  Here is a glimpse into our days...

A LOVES writing her name, my name and dads name right now.  She also likes cutting out pieces of paper and gluing them together to make the letters of her name.  I know I am prejudiced, but I think this is SUPER smart and creative!  Love this cutie!
I tried making one of these things... Its a nursing cover poncho.  It was supposed to be super simple.  One line of stitching.  I had the serger brought to my little try table and away I went.  But the fabric I got was too narrow so it was a fail... Ended up buying one on etsy.  At least it gave me something to do one afternoon.  I haven't really done too much sewing because I have to lean forward on the couch and it squishes my belly too much.
Last Friday three of my friends came by for lunch with their cute babies!  This is my friend Jackie with her twin boys!  She is such an awesome mom!  It was fun to sit and chat with my friends for a while.  It was seriously just what I needed.  :P
We also play games.  With A this can prove a challenge.  We play a lot of I SPY... but she kind of stinks at this game.  Its entertaining, but we are getting tired of it.  Because of this, after much thought about what would work while sitting on the couch, I got some new games on amazon today and Daddy picked up a game at target.  They should all be age appropriate for her.  Cant wait to add some variety to our game playing.
I have been doing as much crocheting as my wrists are allowing... I have some issues with carpal tunnel, even when I'm not pregnant, and so the pregnancy just makes it worse.  I'm working on a blanket for little Clara and I made these cute little shoes!  I love them!
I also read a lot.  A watches more TV than is probably good for her... she takes hour long baths with her barbies.  And we play a lot of dollies and barbies.  Which entails me doing it wrong and her correcting me the whole time.  Its entertaining and helps the time pass.  

Went in on Tuesday and had my first non stress test.  Baby cooperated and everything looked great there.  My cervix hasnt changed from last appointment.  Thats as good of news as we could have hoped for!  Im measuring right on, which is strange for me.  I always measure big.  

Future forecast (tentative):
The Dr. is just playing things by ear.  We will take it week by week.  He said that since the baby has had the steroid shots, they would take her at that hospital as early as 35 weeks.  While I DO NOT want her that early, its reassuring.  

He also said to make sure I bring my bags every week because if I have progressed to a 4, he is keeping me.  With this in mind... Tuesday I will go in for my appointment as usual.  With the hope that I am not a 4.  Then I will try to schedule my next appointment for next Friday (I would be one day shy of 36 weeks) instead of Tuesday.  Daddy will go with me to the rest of the appointments so that if they keep me he is on deck.  

I have also packed my breast pump with my hospital bag.  Just a little FYI...  while her lung development is less of a concern than before, another major concern with a preemie is eating.  A lot of times they aren't so good at it and require a feeding tube or bottle feeding.  Should this happen I want to be able to pump.  Its so weird to think that we are this close.  EEK!  While I want to be prepared, I would LOVE it if she hung in there till 37 weeks!

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