Thursday, February 28, 2013

The best maternity pants EVER

Im going to tell you a secret.  I just cant keep it to myself.. at least not with so many of my friends pregnant right now.  I have found THE BEST maternity pants... EVER!  A friend of mine had a pair of these.  She then passed them down to another friend (Who by the way, had twins and they fit right up to the end and even went to the hospital with her).  After seeing both of these women sport these pants so frequently... I just had to get them.  They looked SO comfy!

This is them!  And HERE is the link to where you can obtain them.

I know... they look like high waters here (the model must be REALLY tall because Im 5'9" and mine are great) and its weird that she is wearing those shoes.  But trust me.  They are a light weight knit and although I don't usually love things that go under belly, these work.  I love them because they feel like Yoga Pants, but you can pair them with a nice shirt and they look nice.  (Not that I go anywhere anymore)

You're having a baby?  Go buy these now!  ;)

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