Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Addy and the Police

Let me preface this post by saying that we don't want our children to be afraid of the police. We want them to know that they are the good guys. That being said. When my children don't want to put their seat belts on, I have no problems turning the car towards the police station. I figure if I ever have to make good on my threat, the police won't mind giving a good lecture on the importance of wearing your seatbelt.

So anyway...

Daddy was driving home from Walmart tonight and had a headlight out. He was pulled over and when the officer came to the window... My daughter was quite indignant. With her arms crossed over her chest, and more attitude than you would think would fit in such a small body... This is how things went down

A: you can't arrest us! We are wearing our seatbelts!
Policeman: no, you're right I can't. I only arrest people doing bad things.
A: well I'm not doing anything bad... Right now.
P: that's good. Don't worry. I only arrest the bad guys.
A: well then!! Go find the bad guys!

There was more but this is the gist of it... And needless to say. Daddy did not get a ticket.

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