Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bedrest Chronicles #7... the wrapup!

Well... we did it!  We made it to 36 weeks.  But I doubt we will make it much further.  

The appointment went ok yesterday.  I was almost a 4...  and 80% effaced.  Given that, the position of the baby etc... the Dr. was nervous about sending me home.  But in the end we both feel like the longer she cooks the better.  He wants to see me twice in the next week to keep close tabs on me.  I go in Tuesday and Friday.   Either day could be D-Day... but I could also go into full labor any time.  Sigh... the joys of having a baby.  Everything is so uncertain. 

But luckily one thing is certain.   If i don't go on my own by some miracle before Friday, he will break my water and we are having this baby.  We will be one day shy of 37 weeks but I feel OK with it at this point.  The reality is that 37 weeks is so much better than what we initially thought and I seriously doubt she would make it much past that anyway.  

So bedrest... The verdict?

I am so thrilled to be free!  Not that I have the energy or ability to do much.  But I COULD!

We are going on a date tonight with some friends.  Our last hoo-rah before baby comes.  Although I have no problems leaving my babies with babysitters, so hopefully it wont be the last hoo-rah for long.

The next post you see should contain a picture of our beautiful little C.  CRAZY!  I cant wait to meet her!  Bet you cant either.  ;)


Jamie said...

You better call me if you need a babysitter for baby! Then we can send our other kids to your house with another babysitter. Lol!

Jamie said...

You better call me if you need a babysitter for baby, then we'll send all of our other kids back over to your house with another sitter. Lol! Glad you made it!