Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The "hope socks"

OK... Im taking you back a bit today.  :)

Im  a visual person.  I like to see it... feel it... touch it.  So when we were trying to get pregnant this time around I decided to needed something to remind me that it was GOING to happen.  So, when we did our first round, two years ago, I bought these little fuzzy socks.  I stuck a magnet on them and put them on my fridge.  I called them my hope socks.  :)  I looked at those little socks every day for almost two years.  

Then when we found out we were having a girl, I bought this little outfit and hung it in my closet. (I was already in a lot of pain on a daily basis at that point.)  To remind me that the pain was all going to be worth it for this sweet little spirit.

As I packed my bags for the hospital, this was the outfit I packed to bring her home in.  And when we finally got to bring C home, 12 days after she was born, I was in tears as I dressed her in this outfit. 

It was ALL worth it!

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